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Book that demonstrates kindness, bravery, curiosity, determination, and honesty and written by a Licensed Child/Pediatric Psychologist. It's tryout week for Olivia's school play! Olivia, a young child (and inspiring gymnast) notices how her feelings, thoughts, and body are all connected after becoming overwhelmed from several stressors including being diagnosed with a medical illness. However, Olivia doesn't care at all because she sees her herself become stronger over time reflected in those of her parents, friends, and medical doctors. Suggested ages: 5 and up

Olivia Takes A Mental Health Day


    Dr. Jasmin Searcy-Pate is a Licensed Child Psychologist, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology who has more than 13+ providing behavioral health services in Pediatric Health Psychology and Child/Adolescent Psychology. She provides consultation and clinical services to individuals, families, schools, hospitals and academic institutions. Dr. Searcy-Pate is further committed to challenging minds, changing lives, and uplifting the human spirit. Given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children's mental health including barriers to treatment, specifically for children of color; Dr. Searcy-Pate was inspired to write her first children's mental health book, Olivia Takes A Mental Health Day in efforts to decrease stigmatization and continue normalizing children's mental health within Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities. She resides in Chicago, IL and when she is not engaging in her work; she enjoys opportunities for civic engagement, spending time with her energetic family, and running/biking.


    Book Information (Relevant Dates):

    English Version:
    Order now via Bookbaby and other retailers.
    Spanish Version:
    Fall 2024 (Stay tuned!)

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